Testimonials and Reviews

Our highest recommendation to Dirk Anderson and his expertise

Our carpets are like new again. p.s. One little area was still a bit off-color after drying, but one phone call and a few hours later it was perfect like the rest of the carpet. Service and quality of this caliber are hard to find and much appreciated.

Anita and Ray Croft, (Scappoose homeowners)

Success where others fail

Two prominent carpet cleaning firms were unsuccessful in removing dark stains from heavily traveled areas of our carpet.

Fortunately, we were referred to CLEARWATER CARPET CLEANERS. They successfully removed the stains.

We found them to be efficient and reliable, performing their service both competitively and on schedule. We heartily recommend them for your cleaning needs.

John Drycksback, Beaverton home owner

Wanted to thank you for being on time for my carpet cleaning appointment!

Dirk and Shane moved in their equipment, put on their shoe coverings and got down to business. They were careful not to rub the walls or any of the furniture that was left in place, with their hoses.

The job was done in a timely manner, with the furniture elevated off the carpet for even drying.

My carpet smells and looks great! I would recommend ClearWater Carpet Cleaners to anyone wanting attention to detail and the professionalism they exhibited.

Mario Crow, Portland, Oregon

While it sounded like a cheaper option at the time, we have paid a pretty penny for being parents to 3 dogs and 1 human. Dogs don’t need college funds or fancy suits for their Christmas music programs. What dogs need is a little more discipline when it comes to potty training. Years ago we installed a fancy dog door, but when little Juan or Nachito decide it is just too cold outside, they look to our brand new carpets. There is only so much Lysol, Oxyclean and belligerent curse words one can go through before realizing that this problem needs to be corrected by a professional.

Dirk waited patiently while I vacuumed my carpets (i forgot he was coming!) and he didn’t gasp in horror when he saw our upstairs. He was professional yet down to earth and chatted me up while he worked. 2 hours later, the carpets were cleaner than I ever imagined they could be, the dogs were banned from ever seeing the light of our second floor again, and I had an email in to Cesar Milan.

The dogs are not very happy with us, but Dirk and his heavy duty machine proved to be cut from a slab of magic. We will be calling him again for a touch up.

Lori F., Portland, OR

Dirk and Shane had the impossible task of cleaning up a carpet that had been stained by an old female dog that would no longer go outside. They did an amazing job and stood by their work. When the carpet dried and the stains weren’t quite gone they came back and did another pass which seemed to fix the job. I would highly recommend this company and the work they did was nothing less than excellent!!

Josh L., Scappoose, OR

E-mailed Clear Water Carpet Cleaners late Friday night, received a call back by 9am Saturday morning, was at my door by 11am job done by 1230pm, Wow! now that’s service for you. Not many business’s can claim that kind of customer service. (Dirk) The gentleman that came to do my carpet was very professional did an exceptional job on a carpet that had never been cleaned before I moved in to this place. it was in badly need of a cleaning. I was completely satisfied when the job was complete and was told no matter the question or problem I have if any’ with the job or service call immediately and it would be addressed, the work is 100% guaranteed for customer satisfaction. For me local, great customer service, guaranteed work, professional work and employee’s is what you look for when doing business. I recommend Clear Water Carpet Cleaners for any service you need that they provide. Thanks a million.

Al P., Scappoose, OR

Dirk and Shane did an amazing job on our carpets. Someone broke into our house and tracked shattered glass all through out the house. When I called Dirk and told him that we needed to have our carpets cleaned as soon as possible, Dirk was quick to respond. Dirk and Shane came to the house and did such a thorough job and the carpets look brand new! Thank you Dirk and Shane for ensuring the safety of my family and quickly responding to our situation. We really appreciate it! I would highly recommend Clearwater Carpet Cleaners.

P. D., Vancouver, WA

Repeat customer! He is always on time, does a great job (and we put this to the test with two kids, a dog, and a cat). Always willing to back up his work and will return if there are any issues. His rates are reasonable and he is great at working with my schedule. Thanks Dirk!

Christine C., Scappoose, OR

We have tried several different cleaners over the past few years but were especially pleased withe the performance of Clearwater. The owner, Dirk, proved to be competent and thorough and did an excellent job on our carpet including the removal of several pet stains that other cleaners had told us were non-removable. Clearwater gets our enthusiastic approval. Give them a try!

John D., Beaverton, OR

Outstanding!!! Rugs just like new – On time, as promoted! Star rating should show 5 stars! Neets

Anita C., Scappoose, OR