We provide Flood and Water Damage Cleaning Services in Scappoose, St Helens, Hillsboro and Beaverton, Oregon.

Flood and Water Damage Restoration

Flood and Water Damage Cleaning Services Scappoose, St Helens, Beaverton, OR
Few things are as devastating as seeing your belongings damaged or lost to a flood, sewage backup, or other water damage. Even things that seem salvageable may be severely impaired by overflowing sewage or other water. Our post-flood restoration includes treatment with special chemicals that kill bacteria, and also prevent mold growth in the future. Since natural disasters and home flooding do not always occur during “business hours”, our restoration team is available any hour of the day or night to respond to your emergency.

The first action every time water damage is involved is to get rid of the water. This can be done by absorbing as much as possible with mops, old towels, and buckets, or with a wet/dry vacuum. Sometimes, power is unavailable, which is when the old-fashioned methods come into play. Once the water is removed, the area can be dried quickly. We will be sure to dry your belongings as quickly as possible so nothing can grow while the moisture is there. Work may need to be done to remove certain areas in order to save the remainder.

The most important factor when restoring your home after water damage is to disinfect the areas and avoid letting mold and mildew thrive. Our professionals at Clearwater Carpet Cleaners have years of experience with this process, and our techniques will ensure all bacteria is killed and mold and mildew are not allowed to grow.

We are available at any time, so if you have an emergency situation with water damage, give us a call and we will respond as quickly as possible to your emergency. Our care is fast and efficient, and you will not find a better guarantee anywhere.