Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

We provide Cleaning Services for Carpet, Upholstery, Pet Odor, and Water Damage in Scappoose, St Helens, Hillsboro and Beaverton, Oregon areas.

ClearWater offers a wide range of cleaning services as noted below. Our techs have gone through a full training program administered by Ken Bronson of KB Carpet Cleaners, a fully certified member of I.I.R.C.B. Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. The training doesn’t stop there. We have an on going training program. We find this necessary to stay up with the ever changing nature of the carpet cleaning business. By sending our techs through classes and seminars we are able to stay up on the latest techniques and procedures. Please contact us at (503) 260-1259 with your questions and to obtain a free quote.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services Scappoose, St Helens, Beaverton, ORClean carpets do more than just make your home look great, they can protect you and your family from allergens, dirt, pollutants, and dust. With our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment, professional team of technicians, and broad range of experience in all carpet fibers, including wool, nylon, Acrylic, polyester, silk, Olefin, and Berber, we can provide you with the best clean, guaranteed. We also offer carpet cleaning for a wide variety of area rugs, even the ones most other companies will not clean.

Upholstery Cleaning

Do you have a hard-to-clean piece of upholstery that is beginning to show its age because of dirt, grime, and general wear and tear? Many cleaning companies prefer to avoid these types of furniture, but at ClearWater Carpet Cleaning, we will work with you to get all your furniture clean. In addition to providing upholstery cleaning for your home, we can also clean the upholstery in your automobile or motor home. Imagine a more beautiful home or vehicle with no more dirt stains on your favorite couch, chair, or seat.
Upholstery Cleaning Services Scappoose, St Helens, Beaverton, OR

Pet Oder Removal

You may love your pets and treat them like members of your family, but when it comes to pet odor, you probably have a zero tolerance policy. In order to keep your home smelling fresh and clean, it’s important to have a plan to keep pet odor under control. Professional cleaning can be far more effective than spot treatment at controlling odors throughout the entire house, and sanitizing and deodorizing stains, especially for high-traffic pet areas. Whether you need to remove, sanitize, and deodorize a small, confined area, or you need help with pet odor all over your house, we can help.

Flood and Water Damage Restoration

Flood and Water Damage Cleaning Services Scappoose, St Helens, Beaverton, OR
Few things are as devastating as seeing your belongings damaged or lost to a flood, sewage backup, or other water damage. Even things that seem salvageable may be severely impaired by overflowing sewage or other water. Our post-flood restoration includes treatment with special chemicals that kill bacteria, and also prevent mold growth in the future. Since natural disasters and home flooding do not always occur during “business hours”, our restoration team is available any hour of the day or night to respond to your emergency.